Saturday, November 18, 2006

Stella is home!

Here we are at the Anacortes ferry dock. When the power still wasn't on at 11 Friday night, we decided to shoot for the 8:40 trip instead of the 5:35 one. So at 4am, we headed to town to take a shower at my work and then hit the road. We'll leave out the part about trying to back a trailer out of the drive by lantern light after maybe 4 hours of sleep...

About halfway to Orcas Island. The islands are so beautiful, just for a day trip, let alone for something as exciting as bringing home a new baby.

Here's me, trying not to be nervous about all that deep water going by so fast.

Check out the little Cairn terrier helping get the trailer ready for Stella. He's a guest at Stella's former home.

Here comes Stella, along with her pasture pals, lured in by apples.

Stella "just says no" to being caught and haltered.

And Stella "just says no" to getting on the trailer.

But she didn't want to miss the ferry, so here she is, looking up at us from the trailer, on the ferry.

And finally, little Stella peeking through out stock panel fence, wondering where her pals are, and who these strangers are who keep staring at her.


Anonymous said...

One last test.

Anonymous said...

What a cutie. I feel sad for her being lonely without her friends though.

LGP (from the library computer)