Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkey-day heathens!

Thanksgiving morning here at Seven Trees.
This is the herbivore-gang pre-breakfast. One thing we have discovered about Stella is that she is not shy about telling is she's hungry! Some copious mooing going on, until breakfast is served. We're especially happy as she's taken to hanging out in the barn when the weather is bad, and generally adapting well to her new home.

In honor of the Wampanoag and Patuxet's, here we are shunning a traditional pilgrim style T-day prep, and instead transfering over the pumpkin ale for secondary fermentation.
All after a dinner of crispy duck, chinese style. Mmmm-mm! Must also say the pumpkin ale tastes great, and we are looking foward to when it is bottled, conditioned and ready to sample!

This is Stewart with his duck, a graduation gift from his puppy-class instructor. He treasures the duck for it's fabulous hoot-squawkability, which he wanders around the house mouthing like a squeezebox. Here is collapsed in exhaustion after just such a session.


Anonymous said...

One small step for a cow, one giant leap for cow-kind.

I'm glad she's discovered the barn. I bet with her and the goaties inside it will be even warmer.

Incessant squeeky toy glee! Yet another reason I prefer cats. :P


Seven Trees said...

Stella and Berry are not exactly friends, but sniff noses occasionally. WHich of course sends over-protective mom into spasms. She stands on a stump and yells at Berry to get away from that "beast".

That's my interpretation anyway : )